DLG Conference "Modern plant breeding as a prerequisite for productive, efficient and sustainable agricultural production in Iran" International Field Days, Karaj - May 10 - 12, 2017

The kick-off event was an international conference on May 10 with the topic "Modern crop breeding as a prerequisite for productive, efficient and sustainable production in Iran" with experts from business, science and practice. At the conference, the Deputy Minister for Plant Production Abbas Keshavarz presented the current state and visions for the future of Iranian plant production. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture Research, Education and Extension Organization Dr. Eskandar Zand took the opportunity to take a closer look at modern plant varieties in the field and to hold expert discussions with numerous exhibitors on current developments in the agricultural sector. 

DLG Conference - "Improving the efficiency of plant production in Iran" Agrotech-Agropars, Shiraz - April 26 - 27, 2017

At the two-day DLG conference on "Improving of plant production in Iran", where German and Iranian professors and experts presented and discussed current and future trends in global and Iranian agriculture with the audience. The range of topics, which was well received by more than 600 participants, included trends in rapeseed and wheat production, reduction of crop losses, sustainable crop protection and optimization of nutrients, as well as the long-term strategies for efficient irrigation and utilization of water resources for food production.

DLG Poultry Conference "Current and future trends in poultry production" AgroFarm-IsfahanVET, Isfahan - April 19 - 20, 2017

In addition, universities and other institutions have shown a great interest in the symposium organized by the DLG International. Among others, topics focused on the current challenges of poultry health, breeding of broilers and dairy production. The conference reached many listeners, who were extremely interested in the discussions. The past outbreak of avian influenza sensitized the participants to the issue of poultry health and highlighted the importance of rapid action and networking at local and international level.