International expertise in markets and trends Made by DLG

DLG International offers international expertise in setting up trade fairs and providing project management and consultancy services. These activities are coordinated by staff at our headquarters in Frankfurt and nine subsidiaries abroad.

With decades of experience, a global network of experts and a keen instinct for spotting emerging trends and issues, DLG International has pioneered the successful development and implementation of international trade fairs and specialist exhibitions in the fields of agricultural machinery, crop production, livestock farming and bioenergy.

Our global platforms are designed to foster dialogue between policymakers, the scientific community and the business world. For example, DLG International works closely with ministries and government agencies to support international projects through the provision of consultancy and coordination services.

In the trade fair sector, consultancy and stand construction services provided by DLG International place companies on center stage in the global business arena.

DLG: The open network and professional voice

DLG aims to promote innovation in agriculture, agribusiness and the food sector around the world by transferring knowledge, quality and technology and to make a sustained contribution to safeguarding living standards around the globe. As an open, international network, DLG works together with experts to develop future-proof solutions to the challenges facing the sectors. It hosts world-leading trade fairs and events on crop production, animal husbandry, agricultural and forestry machinery, energy supply and food technology. Its quality tests for food, agricultural equipment and farm inputs lead the way in international standards. These activities combine with our in-depth research work by various working groups to bring new ideas into practical work. 

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